Tanker Simulator
UI/UX Design, Level Design, 3D Design

The project began with a collective effort to develop an immersive water tanker refueling simulator. As a designer, I played a pivotal role in this endeavor, contributing to the creative conceptualization and the practical execution of the simulator.

Our first step was to brainstorm and refine the simulator's concept, envisioning how it would operate and what features it would include. This phase involved extensive discussions and idea generation sessions within our team. We aimed to create a realistic and engaging experience for users who would interact with the simulator.

Once we had a clear concept in mind, my responsibilities as a designer came into play. I worked on designing the user interface to ensure it was intuitive and user-friendly. This included creating visual elements, such as control panels, gauges, and displays, that would accurately replicate the controls and indicators found in a real water tanker.

Additionally, I collaborated closely with programmers and other team members to integrate these design elements seamlessly into the simulator.

We aimed to optimize performance for less powerful computers while maintaining a visually clear and contrast-rich interface. This involved code and asset optimization for smoother performance and careful design choices to ensure readability and usability.

The core essence of the simulation revolves around tanker refueling. Through command inputs, users can engage with the refueling object to carry out the refueling process.

Prior to refueling, users must correctly configure various switches, levers, and valves. Clicking on an element prompts a menu with information or control options. Navigation can be done through top navigation buttons or by clicking on specific areas of the tanker. Users can intuitively adjust the camera, not only by rotating it but also by zooming in and out as needed.

The intriguing aspect lies in the mechanism of connecting to the refueling station. 

Here, I had to meticulously set up animations, levers, and distribute the weight of objects correctly to ensure a realistic and engaging refueling experiece.