Action Role-Playing Video Game

UI/UX Design

As a designer, I actively contributed to the development of a new product. We began with brainstorming sessions and market research to specifically choose the game genre and platform. I learned Unreal Engine and created design prototypes. The process included continuous testing, collaboration, and decision-making. Through our efforts, we successfully assembled a build for demonstration, highlighting the significance of adaptability and teamwork in game development.

Main Screen

The main screen embodies the classic military shooter theme, with a design that conveys action and urgency. There are four stylized buttons, each carrying a meaningful visual cue:

The game's title is dynamically presented with a slanted font, adding a sense of dynamism to the overall design. A dashed line simulates the trajectory of flying bullets, contributing to the game's intense atmosphere.

Backgrounds seamlessly cycle through various scenes, and during transitions, red targets dim out and reappear in new locations, aligning with the game's shooting theme. This main screen effectively immerses players in the military shooter experience, inviting them to take part in the action-packed gameplay.

Work Bench Screen

The Work Bench screen serves as the central hub for a crucial game mechanic, making it a pivotal and highly significant part of the gameplay. Here, players engage in the art of crafting and assembling new weapons that are essential for progressing through the game's levels.

Key elements of the Work Bench screen include:

The Work Bench screen is not just a place for crafting; it's a hub of creativity and progression, where players can experiment with different combinations to create unique and powerful weaponry. It adds depth to the game and fosters a sense of accomplishment as players tailor their equipment to their playstyle.

Other Screens

HUD (Heads-Up Display) Screen: Compactly displays vital player information, ensuring convenience and clarity without distraction.

Pause Menu: Provides easy access to key game functions, allowing players to customize the gameplay and manage the game without unnecessary complexity.

Settings Screen: Offers extensive settings for customizing the gaming experience, ensuring maximum convenience for players.

UI Kit

All UI elements are organized into a developer-friendly UI kit, simplifying the development process and making it more efficient.