Desiro Train Visualization

Level Design, 3D Design

As both a Level Designer and 3D Designer, I was responsible for crafting levels within the Desiro electric train visualization. This involved recreating the entire Moscow Central Circle (MCC) track, with buildings and structures meticulously positioned to mirror their real-world counterparts.

All stations are faithfully recreated, complete with signage, indicators, and barriers. Animated passengers can be seen waiting on platforms, and when the train arrives, they board just as they would in reality.

The weather in the simulator is dynamic and can transition into virtually any condition, representing all seasons of the year. This required extensive collaboration with programmers to fine-tune and achieve the desired visual effects and realism.

The simulation is rich with significant structures, highways, industrial facilities, and include the presence of other trains that operate independently and interact with our train, adding depth and realism to the simulation.