Desiro Train Simulator
Visual design

My team and I designed a Desiro train simulator for locomotive engineer training. It featured a realistic train cabin in one room and an instructor's station in another, equipped with monitors and controls for effective communication and guidance.

I played a pivotal role in crafting the instructor's desk, meticulously choosing its shape and layout. My responsibilities extended to designing a sleek monitor stand and ensuring their optimal placement. Moreover, I took charge of the hands-on installation, expertly connecting equipment and neatly organizing cables.

I embarked on the creative journey of designing two control panels from scratch. I meticulously hand-drew every detail, ensuring that the resulting designs would preserve legibility and neatly accommodate all labels. Once I was satisfied with the designs, they were printed onto adhesive film. I took charge of meticulously applying the printed designs, ensuring a flawless finish. My aim throughout was to seamlessly integrate these panels into the overall aesthetic of the train simulator. Additionally, I personally undertook the installation, meticulously connecting and configuring each element.

I took on an additional creative task, designing a robust yet elegant bracket to support a speaker. I meticulously created a 3D model, ensuring it met the precise specifications required, and then sent it to our engineering team for manufacturing.

The outcome was an excellent bracket – strong yet gracefully slender. Just as planned, once it was installed and integrated into the train simulator, this bracket seamlessly harmonized with the overall visual design, contributing both durability and sophistication to the setup.